Friday, July 23, 2010

Little snippets of various things!

Hey there! The 69th annual Virginia Show is coming up, and with prizes for some of my favorite things to do, I'm entering some photos and a coffee cake! I'm really hoping I win with at least one photo, I'm entering five, though I've to wittle them down cos I'm finding it difficult to choose the entry ones!
I went up to the attic to get my very first camera to show you- I got it when I was about 5 years old and it has a two eyes visor which is strange! I could always use it properly, but it confused my Mom. Maybe it has something to do with how kids use their brain...I have no idea.

My how my cameras have advanced!:P

Also up in the attic is my first computer/laptop!
I must ask my parents what age I was when I got it, I really am not sure, possibly 7. If I stuck batteries in it it would probably work better than my one now...really should send that into the computer doc...It's so funny looking, but brilliant to still have I think, so I thought I'd stick it up here too!

But until July 31st which is when the Virginia Show is on, I thought I'd post this up! Hopefully with happy results:)

Tomorrow night I will be at Sarah Griffin and Lisa Keegan's round two of
Scarleh Fer Yer Mah Fer Havin' Ya in Ormond Studios for a night of mortification a la teenage diary entries! The first night was a fantastic success and tomorrow should be even better! I think I'm going to be reading, so we'll see how that goes! I recently rounded up all my diaries from their various spots around the house and they're quite the stack!

The Book Thief, that's clearly not one of my diaries...

And also a taster of the birthday present I've been working on for LJ...please ignore the stumpy-ness of the bird...


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