Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It has been far toooo long...

Great Scott, it has been such an embarrassingly long time since I blogged.
I do apologise:( I've been so busy though, things just sort of all kicked off in the space of a week for me at the end of the summer, so I'm now living with my best pal and her family in their garden room til I move into my own place.
Life is absolutely wonderful.

Loads of things have been happening since I last posted and I really miss crafty nights/ baking days.
Must soon get back into the swing of things!
Also, my laptop has decided to no longer recognise my camera's memory card, so until I get that sorted, I'm afraid grainy photos from my phone will have to suffice!
I had a lovely little bake sale in my old (*sniff) college back in September which earned me some extra monies. I sort of took over the O'Mahony's kitchen (not randomly, I am living with them) and baked for a day with the help of Luke who ended up making Cat's birthday cake!:) I'll make a baker out of him yet!

Some of the cakes for iadt

I've been gathering loads of lovely things that I will soon document, like the teapot Grainne got me for my birthday, some fabulous charity shop bargains and the exciting fact that I am moving into my own place the day after our college graduation.
It's all go!
I can now use the wall stickers Griffin got me months back and I can't wait to put my stamp on my new room. The house is beautiful and I'm so excited to create a space for all my wonderful chums to come chill in.
Oh, and after a wonderful day of shopping with Cat, I finally got a travel mug I have been wanting for about 2 years since I first spotted them in Urban Outfitters. I can now go back to my eco tea ways when I'm on the move!:D
It's like this, only with red flowers:)

My new love

Also today I nabbed Jamie Oliver's new cookbook which I can't wait to dive into! Full meals in 30 minutes you say? I'll be testing that one!:)

And I'm currently reading Stephen Fry's wife's diary.
Very entertaining altogther! Nearly finished, so I can get stuck into the many luscious books I've been gathering from charity shops and the like. Oh it's wonderful (at times) to be finished college and to be able to read for fun!:)

I'm thinking I might start book reviews on this too...

I'm so very busy, but I shall try my utmost to update more frequently! I hope all is equally as lovely in your life!

...Cat just brought me in tea and an ice cream. Win.

Love love love to you all,
L xx

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