Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trip to 2 & 4 Cafe

How exciting! My first post from London!
Everything is going really fantastically here in the land of Love Actually (which I've been watching since it's officially THAT TIME OF YEAR) and I've been enjoying finding lovely places in this sprawling city to start to make my regular haunts.
I definitely found one earlier in the beautiful surroundings of the cafe 2 & 4 just across from Shoreditch Park in Hackney which I've been spying for the past couple of weeks on the way to work aloft the 141 bus. It's part cafe, part design studio where the owner has on display his refurbished furniture (such as couches and tables) and it's his wife that makes the cakes!

I've never had a cake so fresh or 'homemade' tasting in a cafe before- it was fabulous. I went for the Orange & Rosemary cake and it was just so full of flavour. I got an English Breakfast Tea to go with it and sat there on a wooden block and typed on Netty (my netbook) with a cosy heater at my back.
The girl at the cake counter is just so lovely, very helpful and she gave me a huge slice of cake just cos she felt like it. Gem.
So yes, I very much plan on skipping in there some days after work, needless to say.

Then on the way to buy the makings of carbonara for dinner, I popped into the charity shop at the end of our road and found this cool old 'Singer Sewing Book' from 1954 for £3. Pretty interesting and the previous owner left notes in it! Then also picked up Ian McEwan's 'Saturday' and Alice Sebold's 'Lucky', both £1 each.

Hopefully this carbonara tonight will turn out decent and I can post that too!:)
Big love,
L x

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