Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One day I'll fly away...

I'm supposed to be doing my dissertation, but instead I am nomming a bag of marshmallows and I thought I'd make a little list (sort of inspired by Jen's list of loveliness) of the places I want to go and see to urge me on! There are quite a few. Since money has been tight during these past four years in college and I haven't travelled anywhere near as much as I've wanted to, I dream of a day when I have a proper, full waged job that will aid me on my trips around the world. Some of these places are not so far away, others I have looked up and curl up at the flight prices. Nevertheless, I will one day tick them all off! Some are just countries I want to go to and experience their culture, have a look around, others are specific cities, but also for the same reasons.
Anyhoodle-I'll probably think of more later on, but here's some, in no particular order, to start me off:

1. Egypt- ever since my Mom got me the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego game when I was about 8, Egypt has been a place that is top of my list. So for 8 year old me, I will one day get there. I am also fascinated by their tombs and pyramids.

2. Iceland- Sigur Ros is certainly influencing me here. The language barrier may be troublesome, so I might start learning a phrase or two now. Also, the nothern lights. Bringing ma camera.

3. Australia- Everyone seems to be there right now (okay, a bunch of my cousins) or have been, and being the H&A fan that I am, Bondi Beach needs a visit. Not too sure how I'm going to hack the heat there and in Egypt. Factor 50+ will be packed.

4. The Arctic- Polar bears polar bears polar bears. I love them. I ache to see the frozen landscape also before it all melts away.

5. Amsterdam- A shocking amount of my friends have been there, so I have to see what I'm missing. Plus it looks really cute and Cat says I'd like it. Must scope it out.

6. Bulgaria- To find the Child Catcher and see if children really have been set free...o_O

7. Paris- It looks so pretty and Amelie and Marion will be my tour guides:D

8. Rome- It looks amazing in Siobhan's photos. I think I just have to go there. Its history is fascinating too.

9. Luxembourg- Cos it's so ickle!

10. New Zealand- I've been told to go to the south island and it's meant to rival Australia in awesomeness.

11. Forks, Washington- So I can kill one Bella Swann.

12. Wherever, exactly, The Secret Garden was filmed in England. I know parts were filmed in Eton College, but I want to see the building that is 'Miselthwaite Manor' in the flesh. It has been in my life for far too long without me exploring it.

13. Newgrange- On the winter solstice. After learning so much about it in Art History, I also want to see this in the flesh. Here, I will employ Grainne as I think she's been there:)

14. Capeside, Massachusetts- Again, like some of these on the list, I must see cos of a tv show... I'll be staying at Potter's B&B if anyone is looking for me.

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  1. I'll take you to Newgrange, it's a beautiful place : )