Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few firsts

Hello kids, how are ya. More statement than question for some reason. Maybe because I'm on that delicate border of being sleepy and heading swiftly towards over-tiredness.
But anyway. The past two weeks or so have been quite wonderful for a few reasons.

I entered a photo or two into the Virginia Show and got a first place in the Candid Photo category, huzzah! Last year I got a 5th place, so I've jumped four respective ribbon colors. Fab. The photo was of my dears Denise, Laura and David in New York when we were down near the World Trade Centre. To be honest, I love this photo of them and am delirah that someone else thought it was deadly too.

And then to add to my excitement, I won the monthly Bake-Off at Milk & Cookies last Tuesday night with the most haphazard vanilla cupcakes I have ever made. I didn't even take a photo of them they were so dreadful looking, but obviously they tasted pretty good cos they beat off stiff competition (I imagine) from a lemon poppyseed cake, chocolate things etc. And now I have a certificate to add to my photography ribbon. Plus a box of chocolates.


I love that I've been seeing a lot of friends quite a bit these days before I'm amongst those who have fled this country. Another night of it tomorrow at Griffin and Ceri's which will be great! Oh the mixed feelings about leaving.
Then, finally, came my first anniversary with Luke which is amazing. Being taken out to dinner and getting a bouquet of white roses will always be wonderful.

Big love to you all:) x

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