Saturday, July 16, 2011

A few recent happenings and findings

I've been perched on my bed for absolute hours and am cursing the fact that I don't have all these deadly Sky channels that I can see have tons of cool movies and stuff on and not Tori Spelling discussing her baby weight.
I've been getting a few deadly things lately in these fab sales that are on, or in my frequent charity shop trips. I'm off tomorrow, so very well could be down in Bray going through them whilst continuing the cycle and giving them some of my stuff I want to get rid of.
These gorgeous shoes? €30 in a|wear with student discount. That's because IADT never put an expiry date on my card, so I plan to use it whenever possible...

Best bit- they didn't need to be broken in, so they were dolled straight away when Luke took me to Le Bon Crubeen! I'm a bit anxious about them getting dirty, but they're holding well!

Then Griffin and I went to Urban Outfitters and I got a wonderful purse for €11 to go with my new bag from Philadelphia.
Have you seen it yet?

Bam. What a duo.

Recently Luke and I paid yet another trip to Queen of Tarts, they of delectable cakes and crockery. I opted for the baked raspberry cheesecake and Luke, a nibble.
As always, it was a lovely trip had.

I found a deadly wine holder in the Virginia charity shop that I gave Ceri and Griffin as a little house warming gift with a bottle of red and a rose. Sadly, I forgot to take a pic of it, but I'll get one off Griff and add it in here.
Cos it's seriously cool.

What I'm mostly excited about these days is planning things to write for, picking photos to enter into the Virginia Show again and looking up things for my adventure in Spetember with Luke. Gumtree is visited every evening.
Plenty to keep the mind going.
But now it's time for some tunes to lull me to sleep before a seaside trip tomorrow. Better clear up the camera's memory card!

Sweetest of dreams to you.
L x

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