Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's birthday present

Here's a craft post for the blog- over the summer, my lovely and fabulous friend Mary turned 21. I introduced her to the equally fabulous Breakfast at Tiffany's quite a while ago during a tea and movie day and, having just finished college with a first class honours and it being her 21st, I wanted to get her something special. Putting the two together, I thought of something from Tiffany's. It's expensive, so I ventured online and managed to get her a fabulous necklace there:) The plan was a-go go!
A week before her party, I started giving her clues as to what the gift was. Needless to say clues like 'take away coffee cup', 'crocodile shoes' shed no light for her. But I guess that was a good thing! If you know the movie, you will know of the Cracker Jack box within the story. Soooo- I decided to put the gift within a Cracker Jack box, which I would make. I Googled the box and made some poor
attempt at it anyway and made an Audrey birthday card to accompany it. Just thought I'd add it here cos I was quite proud of putting it all together:)

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