Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodies for Epilepsy Ireland

This week is RAG week in college and to accompany my friend's poetry/spoken word jam in the marquee, I've just baked a few goodies to sell at it to raise money for this year's charity Epilepsy Ireland. Some regular butter cookies, cupcakes (chocolate and plain- though pretty much all decorated with chocolate...) and apple cake are all ready to go now! I wanted to do some fancy butter cream icing for the cupcakes, but that wouldn't end very well on the bus journey down to Dublin...O_O Also I thought basic goodies would be easiest in general to transport down with me whilst also being lovely to munch on whilst listening to some stories/ poems:) If only I could somehow provide tea...

As you can see- I got a gift of fabulous butterfly cookie cutters from a dear friend when I was stressed. Much love to Laura K! And a cookie on the way for you;)

I've been falling behind in my baking due to a few weekends spent away from home- Jen is very intimidating with her constant updates! But I promise I shall keep on top of things. My dissertation is not far off now, which means I will need an outlet for my procrastination...:)

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