Sunday, January 31, 2010

Butter free sponge cake attempt

So my sister's birthday has come and gone, so a cake was obviously made! Sadly we were very low on decorating equipment (a new piping bag would be the most revered of presents if anyone feels so inclined...) so it is not my finest of cakes by any means. But I tried, for the first time, a butter free sponge cake from Rachel Allen's Bake. (Note to all- do not get rid of the egg whites when adding the egg yolks to the mixture as you'll need them later on...) It actually turned out okay! I was a bit apprehensive as the egg whites took absolute ages to come to 'stiff peaks' and my arm was a tad sore from beating. But I got there in the end and it looked pretty well. Sad part of this baking excursion- Siob had gone out with the neighbours and didn't return until after I had left to head back to college, so I ended up getting none of the cake :-( But by all accounts the cake was rather lovely. The siblings loved the excessive chocolate in the decorating (I think everything I bake has chocolate in it somewhere) but the parents thought it was too sweet. However, I was more concerned about the sponge in this particular cake and they all enjoyed it, so I'm happy with that! One of the brothers kindly took the photo of the cut cake there.

Don't judge me on the decorating...I was low in supplies...

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