Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chocolate Supreme Birthday Cupcakes for Sarah!

It was super Sarah Kirk's birthday there at the weekend and so on Monday I brought in chocolate cupcakes for her. I know I said I'd do something Lady Gaga-esque, but due to a serious lack of writing icing in Cavan to enable me in my bows and lightning bolt decorating, I phoned Lady Gaga and she said her fave cupcakes are chocolate with loadsa icing, so I tried my best, so I guess that makes them somewhat linked to her Majesty Gaga.
I made incredibly chocolatey cupcakes for Sarah- chocolate cakes, a healthy dollop of chocolate butter cream, a dab of sprinkles and then melted chocolate sprinkled over the top for good measure.
Mouthfuls of sweet, glorious chocolate.
They went down very well in the canteen with copious amounts of tea and giggles. I made a birthday card then featuring Gaga herself, so there's that bit of Gaga incorporation... Love! <3

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