Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mini-Cakes. Oh the yummyness...

One day in digs, Fiona gave me a cupcake her girls had baked and said that I had to taste them, that they were divine. I was wondering exactly how good a cupcake could really be, but then I tasted and knew! So last night I used the recipe for the best cupcakes in the world and made mini-cakes with it. My mom has a strangely large collection of baking equipment for someone who doesn't do an awful lot of it past New York Cheesecakes. Maybe she foresaw the craic Siob and I would get up to.
So anyway, I took out these teeny round tins and one shaped like a teddy bear that I remember featuring on my brother's 2nd birthday cake (which Mom did make) and made cakes! Oh so many mini-cakes! I initially planned to put buttercream on them and decorate them elaborately, but because Siob made cupcakes during the week, there was no icing sugar left in the house...So instead I filled the centres of them with jam, them poured chocolate over them and then some had sprinkles or nuts. You can't see them jam in them, so Conor got a nice surprise when he bit into one. Others we then decorated in the style of Victorian sponges.
They. Taste. Beautiful.

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