Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Le Bon Crubeen visit

Last week Luke brought me out for dinner, and on recommendation of one Louise Tierney, we went to Le Bon Crubeen on Talbot Street.
To say we enjoyed ourselves is a gross understatement. When we arrived in, dripping wet with our jackets and umbrella, we were greeted by a very lovely waiter who offered to take our things to the cloakroom. This has never happened to me before (maybe this is indicative of how often we go out) so I happily handed over our stuff and we were shown our seat.
Maybe it's because I'm waitressing at the moment, but I can be super judgemental of how I'm served when I go to other places.
But these people were golden.
Absolutely. We had main courses with a glass of wine each, then tea & coffee at the end, with me deciding I had to go with dessert too...
Luke had the Confit Duck Leg with Lyonnaise Potatoes, Pesto Green Beans and Syrah Jus and I had the 8oz Irish Sirloin Steak (medium rare) with Green Peppercorn Jus, Fries and Rocket Salad. (I don't have amazing memory, I copy and pasted from their menu )
We were both silent for a couple of minutes while we tucked in and relished the parties in our mouths. Luke's duck fell off the bone it was that tender. My steak was beautifully juicy and the salad and chips topped it off wonderfully; nothing too fancy, but presentation was good.

Our waiters were delightful to say the absolute least. I adored them for leaving us until I finished my meal. Due to a lot of talking and just being a slow eater, it took me way longer than Luke, and they didn't touch our table until I was completely finished. They asked did we want to see the dessert menu... I said yes.
The bread and butter pudding was amaaaaazing. Holy smokes. Now, the waiter we had for dessert was fabulous. Even though Luke didn't want dessert, he brought us two spoons, incase Luke changed his mind. He did.

Overall, we had a great time there and were floored by the food and service. The cost is phenomenal considering the meals. We each had a main course, glass of wine, a pint, then tea, coffee & one dessert which all came to under €60.

You really can't go wrong there. Top marks.
Le Bon Crubeen's website

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