Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh the loveliness. There's so much of it!

Last night I went along to the utterly delightful night of storytelling and cake/cookie eating in Temple Bar, Milk & Cookie Stories with a bunch of pal-aroos. At each event, people who attend enter their own baked goods into a little competition of sorts and the one chosen to be the yummiest gets a little prize. I didn't get to bake this month for it, however I was allowed to be one of the judges! My ticket didn't get chosen, but Conor's did and he let me have it:) After what can only be described as the most intense cookie tasting I have ever witnessed, the baker of the fabulous chocolate chip cookie was eventually picked (well done, elusive Jamie!).
If you haven't attended M&C yet- and many seem to have heard of it- go along next month. It is such an amazing way to spend your evening. A huge congrats to last night's MCs Sarah and Ceri who were both charming and endearing. Lucky for me, I get to see and indulge in Sarah much more often than once a month. Also to the storytellers who were incredible.
You can find out more info about Milk and Cookie Stories at
Milk and Cookies Website

This weekend is going to be filled with baking! Yay! For Monday I decided I'd have a little cake event for my amazing EMCS class, a last hurrah of sorts before we dive into our books once more for the final leg of our IADT journey. And for finishing our dissertations and the last of our college work:)
Also, with a bit of luck my brother will be out of the hospital once and for all and he has requested I make him an apple cake ("nice and moist please"), so I will be making that for him as well as hopefully recreating this shot.
Bancing (baking +dancing for you not in the know) for the win.

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