Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They make me happy!

After a thoroughly lovely evening and with another on the way tomorrow, I just wanted to put up things that make me happy/ things I would like (because they would increase my happiness to a ridiculous magnitude).
Some of these I have, others not just yet.

1) A ceiling bubble chair. Not sure why. Maybe because it's part swing (but indoors!), part comfy coolness. I'm in talks with Pops to get one put in the attic ("you need a beam to stick it into") so here's hoping my pestering works!

2) Coloring books and crayons. I find it quite relaxing and who doesn't love a brand new jumbo pack of crayons with that little built in sharpener at the side and a crisp, black and white coloring book, just waiting for the color to be spilled onto? Mmm.

3) Labs. Maybe cos I've had two I'm a bit biased. However, I don't really like pure breds cos they get a bit fat. My guys (big up to Shadow and Magnum) have been nice mixed breeds. Sooo cute.

4) Tea parties. Because at a tea party you have great company, tea pots, many cakes, floral dresses and chats. They can go on for hours. I'll just blame Mr. Lewis for getting me hooked on the idea from a young age before I even drank the stuff, merely pretended to with my kitchen set and delph tea set.

5)Pretty fabric. Oh the possibilities! Skirts, dresses, drawstring bags for a present you've made a friend, a soft cover for a notebook, etc. But not for patchwork quilting like my Mom and cousins. That is far too headachy for my liking.

6) A VW van. No, I definitely don't have one of these yet, but in time I will. Deliveries from my bakery will be brought to your door in one of these fellows. Plus they cry out to be brought on a trip. I will have stepped up a gear in terms of tenting when I get one of these! This photo is incredibly similar to the clock I have from Siobhan T.

7) Notebooks. I have many of these, filled with events which have happened since I was 8 years old and I love getting a new one and collaging it.
Note to all: If I die before you, please burn them and don't do what Virginia Woolf's pals did and publish them. I will act vengeance from beyond the grave.

8) James McAvoy. Definitely one I do not have as he belongs to the lovely Anne Marie Duff and they're having a baby soon. But I can still dream and swoon.

9) Themed days/ evenings. Like tonight I had one of the long standing traditions of a Dominos Night with Jo. Our usual half and half pizza was ordered and we watched with anticipation as people walked by the gate, hoping it was a man in a motorcycle helmet laden with boxes and a brown bag containing our drinks.
Also, I like to assign pretty days when I feel in need of a pick me up. This will usually involve a floral skirt with colorful tights, a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I don't have a snap of any of these really, so I'll just be cheeky and put a photo of a girl from lookbook who I quite like.

10) Love. Cos it's wonderful and love, actually, is all around <3

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