Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guessing Game of Brownie Baking

Conor B said to me one day that he'd like to learn how to bake...I happen to lurve it, and he loves brownies, so we decided we'd bake them.
Win win.
I brought Jamie Oliver's recipe for them and arrived at his house, ready to bake up a storm. However, I discovered that his Mom has things like flour and baking powder in clear containers with no labels (she knows what's in them, but not I!) so we decided we'd have a guessing game of baking! I wasn't sure what flour we were using which was quite vital, but we guessed correctly! I also didn't put the temperature high enough, so they cooked slowly and turned out quite gooey, but everyone has enjoyed them! Builders and family alike! And we did. Had some tea and gooey brownies and it was super:)

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