Monday, June 14, 2010

Flat Lake Festival!

Our little cake stand
So...this is over a week late! Es tut mir leid!
Last Sunday Slacke and I were at the Flat Lake Festival in Monaghan, selling cakes at the Cafe Sessions! However, before I get cracking on that, we must first pay homage to the late night spent in the Slacke kitchen the night before!. Bed was sometime around 3am and Denise had been baking all day. I baked the cakes of my batch (sans decorations) Friday night and sealed them up, packed up with the decorations I was bringing for the cake area of the tent as well as more baking stuff. I then made some funny looking cupcakes at work and brought them with me too...
The night before

Coco the amazing dog kept us company during the hours spent baking and decorating and general kitcheny activities and even stole a krispie cake for herself along the way. Hilarity ensued when Denise ran out to give out to her:D Come bedtime, Denise and I were so tired, we didn't even get to say goodnight to one another...
The wonderful Tom drove us the relatively short distance to Clones the following morning, boot filled with goodies, tea & coffee dispensers and laps carefully navigating the bendy roads and moving trays of cupcakes accordingly. At the festival, I got a lift with most of our stuff (poor Denise & Tom carried cupcake trays and a few other things!) via a quad and little heart sank when I saw that that was how our cakes and delicate coffee equipment were being transported to the site! The drive was steep and bumpy, but thanks to my crafty driver, all was delivered intact! The day saw us entertained by Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies, Henrietta Game, The Amazing Few and Riona Sally Hartman (links below!) who were my favorite acts! We had fun chatting to and feeding the Wellies and Harry and we even got the song Beard Snood dedicated to us later that night (it's about baking!) and I got to play the cymbal for the wonderful Wellies as well! Wooooo! It was also the first time I got to actually make money on what I've baked and Slacke & moi are very happy about that:)

All in all, it was a great day and Griffin and Ceri even came back to Slacke's with us that night! We stayed up much too late considering we were all shattered (especially poor Ceri!), but it was such a fun time.
I'm just going to post links here for you so you can have a little listen to the amazing musicians our ears were graced with for hours on end:)
A super big thank you to Mr Tom who drove us there and back! Stupendous man altogether.
Riona Sally Hartman
Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies
Henrietta Game
If they were a three legged dog, I'd like to be their third wellie <3
Playing the cymbal and wearing my new skirt!

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