Monday, June 28, 2010

Presents for Jo!

Okay, so a few weeks back I said I had recently made a new present, but I couldn't post it until I gave it, and now I can! Over the weekend I went to my darling Jo's and gave it to her- an apron:) Jo has recently been baking a bit (see her on Jen's baking blog over there-> )and I thought it would be cool to make her one. I measured my brother Conor (he's a little taller than Jo and closer to her height than me) for the apron and set about making it! I thought it would also be cool to put Jo's name on it and personalise it that little bit more, so I put a little bit of wadding behind a piece of cream material to puff it out a little and stitched Jo's name, then I also made her a little card cos I like making those too!:)

Here are some snaps of the apron and the cookies- the chocolate on top of the cookies isn't supposed to be there, I threw in the extra squares after baking and they melted...though it could work out well if I intend to add it the next time!
Sorry it's late Jo- you know what Cavan does to your life! <3


  1. Finished off the cookies last night :D Thank you Mammy Laura!!!xx

  2. You very much deserve them!:) xx