Friday, June 4, 2010

Lori Skirt for the Flat Lake Festival

It's been a while! Oops. But I've been keeping busy, so I guess that's a good thing!:)
Last night I made a skirt! Wooo! A proper one! With lining and a zip!
(But no pattern as such. Don't tell Nana.)
I've had this material since my 21st and have been too scared to cut it incase I ruined it, so at long last I did. I knew I wanted to make a flared skirt with it, waist high. So I laid out a skirt I already had similar in style and drew it out on an old sheet so I could have a practice run. The practice run went accordingly, so I finally used the lovely material Laura K got me. It was quite the Lori evening as I had on the mixed cd she made me, was using the material she got me and was contemplating the buttons she gave me...

Anyhoodle, I happened to have a zip I bought last summer, so I added it to the side and sewed all up! It's quite cute and I've named it the Lori Skirt after the lovely Kavanagh gal in my life. I had a little bit left over, so I made a sash tie put of it that I tie at the top of it and it doubles as a hair tie.
Here are some snaps of it! I'm going to the Flat Lake Festival on Sunday, so I'll wear it then with a white blouse:)
Last week I sewed something new too, but it's a present, so I can't put it up until I give it!:)

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