Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guest Slot- my sis Siob!

My sis Siob has become quite the wizard in the world of baking and often easily whips up a batch of buns when the notion takes her. Last week she made delicious muffins, so I asked her would she like to write a post for me! So here's Siob!
I like baking cos it's fun. Laura had some apple pieces left from her apple streusel and I put them into some muffins and I still had some left after that so I made an apple sauce to go with them. I put lemon, sugar and apples into the blender then I whizzed them up and served it in egg cups with the muffins and voila!
They were perfectly moist and the apples were mushy. We ate them warm with some tea and the sauce was really nice with them, even if it was a bit lemony.
The end.

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