Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have no words.

I actually don't. Language is ineffective a lot of the time, I find.

On Tuesday we had summer farewell drinks in Bakers as a class with some of our super cool lecturers. The girls had been acting suspiciously for a few days and were telling me they knew something I didn't... I found out in Bakers that this little thing was that for weeks Griffin had been orchestrating a round up to get me presents for being rep for the past four years! They presented me with a bag of what can only be described as amazingness. There was baking stuff, wall stickers, a beautiful notebook, a super cool clip that's a little hat, a fabulous scarf, earrings, a purse, then a voucher for MAC in Brown Thomas. Like, woah. And yes, I cried just like they thought I would. Lisa drew a card for me too which is beyond fantastic and the class wrote lovely little notes for me and it's now on my mantlepiece here at home. They also got Dave gifts for being my partner in crime. See- sheer amazingness.

Then on Friday I met Laura for tea who gave me even more presents, this time from my 3rd year palaroos. This included tea, chocolate, a notebook, a cupcake apron, and then the most beautiful scrapbook started by Laura and with many pages left for me to fill. I adore it.
I just had to post this because I'm just gobsmacked by it all. I really do have the most wonderful people in my life.
And THEN, last night I got an email from the Snow Patrol mailing list that Gary Lightbody's side project has an album coming out July 12th.
Oh yes.
Here's a taster for Tired Pony. I'm stupidly excited. The happiness just keeps growing!
Tired Pony- I Finally Love This Town

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