Monday, May 3, 2010

Recipe for a superbly splendid Saturday morning!

Last weekend I took Saturday off work and was left with my first free Saturday morning in years. So I thought I'd make an event of it and make a yummy breakfast. The family were going to Galway and so Conor, Magnum and I were in the house all by our lonesome. I made some pancakes and bacon after a wonderous sleep-in and since our sleep-ins saw us get up quite late, we'd missed early morning cartoons and decided instead we'd watch a movie with a fancy breakfast scene. Since Matilda wouldn't work (she makes pancakes at the start) we decided on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (they have a cool breakfast making machine) which reminded me of the greatness that is Dick van Dyke. What a man. So all in all, it was a great Saturday morning!

All you need to replicate this is:
1 dessert spoon of a sleep-in
2 lazy heads
1 characterful dog (preferably named after a moustached detective)
A minimum of 3 toppings (such as Nutella, lemon & sugar, maple syrup)
1 large, comfy couch
1 well worn and loved armchair
1 tea pot
A sprinkling of belly crunching laughs
-Throw them all in together and bon appetite!

Now if only I could find a Mon-Fri job, I could do these much more often... This Saturday however (yah for two in a row!), I'll be making them at Cat's in Bray if you would like to join us:)

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  1. Yeah you will be! Pancakes for all! Nom nom nom. Can't wait for Saturday. :)