Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yum for the O'Mahonys

Due to all the funness that happened this week, I was staying a few nights at the wonderful O'Mahony residence with my darling Cat:) I thought I'd bake for them, but having used nearly all the sugar in the house, I was severely limited late on Monday night. I decided I'd make scones as I haven't made them since school I think it is, and got the recipe (scones are so basic though, the recipe is pretty much the same everywhere) in a cookbook Mom got on the cheap called Grandma's Best Recipes. It was a plain recipe, so I added raisins (it suggested 50g of dried fruit, but that equals about three raisins per scone, so I gave a good shake of the bag into the mix) and cinnamon for extra yumminess. They turned out quite lovely, but I need to get a pastry brush so I can brush the tops of them pre-baking and also add more cinnamon. But all in all, they were a hit:) Next time though, it's a coffee cake for them. They deserve it.

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